Coffee Machine Solutions

Cafe Starter Pack Wega


Cafe Starter Pack includes:
1   x Wega Pegaso EVD 2 Group High Espresso Machine
1   x Quamar M80 Automatic Grinder
1   x Commercial POD Portafilter (for decaf solution)
50 x 10g Decaf PODS (fresh ground espresso coffee)
1   x Stainless Steel Tamper & Rubber Tamper Mat
1   x 1 Litre Milk Jugs
1   x 600 ml Milk Jugs
1   x Chocolate Shaker
1   x Thermometer
1   x 60 ml Shot Glass
1   x Commercial Knock Tube
1   x Premium Machine Cleaner 500g
1   x 1 litre Milk Steamer Solution
1   x Grouphead Brush

Wega Pegaso

The Wega Pegaso EVD is an matte black electronic espresso machine with 4 programmable doses per group, a manual brewing button and raised group heads. The Pegaso also comes with two steam wands, single hot water outlet and a built-in motor and pump.

122mm Raised Group Heads
10.5 litre copper boiler
E61 group heads
Heat exchangers
Thermo syphon circulation
4 Programmable volumetric doses per group
1 Manual brew switch per group
2 steam wands
1 Hot water tap
Automatic boiler refill
Single & double portafillers
Rotary pump
Directly plumbed to pressurised water supply

Quamar M80 Auto Grinder

Quamar have tweaked the old classic T80 grinder to bring about the new look, stylish M80 with all the reliability and classic features you have come to expect. 

Body: aluminium
Coffee bean hopper: 1.2 Kg capacity
Ground coffee dispenser: 280 gram capacity
Dosing device: dose portion and counter
Grinding blades: 63 mm special stainless steel
Turn speed: 1400 rpm

Commercial Pod Pressure Handle suitable for use with 10 gram Commercial and 14 gram ESE espresso coffee pods only.

    * Fresh Espresso Coffee
    * Pre-measured Dosage
    * Consistent Extraction
    * Classic Crema
    * Fresh Coffee Aroma

    * Eliminates Coffee Wastage - no overdosing
    * No Grinder Required
    * No Tamping
    * Reduces Cleaning and Servicing
    * Perfect for Decaf
    * Ideal for quiet times & inexperienced staff 

How does it work?:
    * Open the sachet & remove the pod
    * Place pod in portafilter
    * Insert portafilter as usual
    * Draw shot as usual
    * Remove pod & discard (pod is bio-degradable) 


Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.