Coffee Machine Solutions

Bambino 2 Group Electronic


The Bambino is the latest addition to the Fracino family that benefits from all the world-class skills, innovative design and state of the art production methods from this world-renowned manufacturer.

Key Features:
    * Top quality 10 litre copper boiler heated by multiple looped element.
    * Pressure-controlled by a triple contact pressure switch.   
    * Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
    * The pressure of water and steam is separately controlled by brass safety valves.
    * Hot water and steam are released by rotating solid brass valves.
    * Brass bodied group, stainless steel shower plate, solenoid valve and rotary pump.
    * Thermosyphonic circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee.
    * All working surfaces, steam and hot water tubes made in 304 stainless steel.
    * Zintec powder coated chassis in attractive metallic gunmetal.  
    * High groups with 130mm clearance for large takeaway cups on the 2 group machines.
    * 2 group machines only require standard 15 amp power supply.
    * 240 cappuccino cups per hour or 400 espresso cups.
    * 60 to 80 litres of hot water per hour.


Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.