Coffee Machine Solutions

Decaffeinated 10g Commercial Pods 50 units


Carton of 50 x 10 gram Commercial Decaf Espresso Pods suitable for Commercial Pod Pressure Handles. Today’s premium quality decaf coffee can taste phenomenal, provide all of the health benefits of regular coffee, such as antioxidants, liver and cardiovascular protection, make your brain run better, and even help prevent gout. And the best part? Decaf performs all of these near medical miracles without the jitters from too much caffeine that some people experience.

Each 10 gram pod contains a serving of freshly ground coffee beans, already measured and pre-tamped, ready for placing into an espresso machine. Precisely measured chemical-free SWISS WATER® Process decaffeinated ground coffee. Roasted coffee beans are freshly ground and immediately measured into individual doses, then pre-tamped for optimal extraction and wrapped in a paper pod.

To make an espresso, you simply remove the pod from the pouch and place it in the espresso machine's commercial pod pressure handle. The filled pods are hermetically sealed into laminated aluminium pouches and flushed with nitrogen to remove the oxygen. This locks in all the original aromas and flavours of the freshly ground coffee until the pouch is opened and the pod is used. Commercial pods maintain their freshness for up to two years.

The benefits:
Pods mean serving decaffeinated coffee which is ALWAYS fresh.
They are easy to use.
No need for coffee grinders.
No mess as there is no dosing, tamping or emptying of coffee grounds.