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The eye-catching single skin design of the San Remo Zoe is a brand new innovation in espresso machine design, meaning the machine is constructed from an all in one build material (“monocoque”), giving it a strength and style which is currently unmatched. Another unique feature of the Zoe is that the water temperature is calibrated to aim for the bulk of drinks to be served to close to 91 degrees, giving it a near perfect heat for espresso without the need for a temperature control system. Couple this innovation alongside two fast steam wands, hot water tap and a 10 litre boiler; this is a machine which provides top of the range quality for a great entry level price. The Zoe is ideal for you if you love the style and elegance of the top of the range Roma, as it has the same sleek qualities and eye catching design, but its smaller size and lower price make it a more accessible option.

10 litre copper boiler
2 Steam Wands - 1 Hot Water Tap
Built-in volumetric pump
One double-scale pressure gauge
Power On light indicator
Electronic automatic level
Electronic pre-infusion (can be deactivated) 

Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.