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Pallo Coffee Wrench $20.00 Coffee_Wrench_N_A_1

The multi purpose Pallo coffee wrench can be used as a steam wand wrench (8, 12 & 13 mm), bot ... more

Espresso Corp Coffee Catcha $80.00 Coffee_Catcha_N_A_1

The Coffee Catcha is a new tool which helps reduce wastage of ground coffee. Not only does it sav ... more

Clean Machine Blind Filter 58 mm $13.00 Blind_Filter_58_mm_N_A_1

The stainless steel 58 mm backflush disk fit all portafilters used in conjunction with E61 groups ... more

Clean Machine Steam Wand Clip $6.00 Steam_Wand_Clip_N_A_1

The protective Steam Wand Clip allows you to maneuver the hot Steam Wand while frothing and steam ... more

Clean Machine Blind Filter - Rubber Disc $9.00 Blind_Filter_-_Rubber_Disc_N_A_1

This rubber disc can be used in most portafilters for backflushing group heads in place of other ... more